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“Working with Carol actually really helped my business far more than I anticipated but the key benefits I got from …

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“The job of owner manager can be quite a lonely one. Notbeing exposed to external ideas and new ways of doing things can make one introverted. Despite the fact my business was quite successful in a conventional way I had appointed myself as the local problem solver. My working day, normally about 12 hours was spent predominantly helping my staff do their job, leaving little time or energy left to devote to the important aspects of strategy and planning. Having Carol as my coach helped me focus on the important aspects of my business, to understand that if I wanted more personal time and a succession plan that I would have to develop personnel to do the things that I was now doing. By instilling personal discipline,focus and systems I am now in a position to spend at least 6 months of the year outside my business. My business is now an asset not a liability. Thank you.”
Industrial Electronics
“Carol has become a friend a much as my coach; by leading the way, Carol is supporting, advising and possibly more importantly making me think for myself with her guidance. The programme is an ongoing personal experience which has taken discipline, commitment and effort not to mention investment. Carol and I are on a journey together and I look forward to sharing my future success and happiness with her.”
Anne Hunter, Sales Director, GMG
“Carol has been a truly indispensable resource. She has enabled me as MD to undertake a range of organisational development programs. In addition she has provided me the opportunities to undertake some truly beneficial lifestyle changes.”
Website Development
“As my Business Coach, Carol is an excellent investment providing me with a number of benefits. These include help with focusing my business and goal setting, a sounding board for new ideas, someone to scrutinize my existing processes and help me to continually improve my business and how I operate within it. My team is now more productive and happier, my sales are growing steadily and I have a new found confidence that will help me to ensure that my business will continue to succeed and thrive.”
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