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“Businesses generally who had adpoted formalised procedures (e.g. workflow procedures, twelve month budgets, written business plans, KPI’s) appeared to not only have weathered the adverse trading conditions of the previous twelve months but have actually increased sales, profits and workforce.”

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Why Carol Waddell

Carol Waddell’s amazing strength is her passion for people and business and thrives on helping others achieve their personal and business goals.

Over the past 25 years Carol has started up her own successful business and continues to be a director of two local companies. Carol’s experience has spanned a diverse set of industries and market sectors including manufacture, retail, industrial measurement, direct marketing and web development. During this time Carol has worked in a number of key functions: development, operations, customer service, systems integration and strategic planning.

Combining this experience with an MBA from Henley Management College Carol has enabled her clients to develop successful and sustainable businesses.

Carol’s holistic approach to business has helped clients to tap into their potential and given the owner and employees a fresh and reinvigorated view of their business.

Carol continues to invest in her own development and education, always hungry for new ways to contribute to her client’s success.

“Business coaching has allowed me to do what I love doing, and what I do best; helping others to develop themselves and their businesses to reach the goals they only dreamt were possible.  If it is a business, it should be working for you.  As the owner you need to understand how to get the rewards AND have the time to enjoy them.”

As a Business Coach Carol brings you and your business, years of experience backed by Action’s proven strategies and experience – “there is not a business sector that has not been successfully coached by one of our 900 plus coaches worldwide – this wealth of knowledge and experience is directly available to me to help you.”