Time Management

Time Management

Effective time management is essential to make sure you remain focussed and effective in all aspects of life. A few simple rules will help you:

  • Choose to give important tasks your ‘attention’
  • Make decisions rather than act on impulse
  • Learn to say NO to low-value activities
  • Dump the ‘Task List’, break it down with a ‘Checklist’
  • Work in small bursts
  • Set aside time to think:  Think – Act – Think

Respect YOUR TIME.  Until YOU respect your own time, how can you expect it to be respected by OTHERS?  This all sounds simple, but it can be quite a challenge.  So rather than trying to tackle this on your own, telephone Carol now on 0845 003 9177 to learn the techniques of great time management from your local Action Coach practitioner.

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